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Ways to help promote UN2020 on social media

Social media channels



Use our hashtags on social media

  • #MultilateralismMatters
  • #UN2020
  • #Make2020Count

Regular posts to help promote UN2020 generally:

  1. You can find images for your posts (formatted for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) on UN2020’s Trello board.
  2. Remember to use our hashtags (#MultilateralismMatters #UN2020 #Make2020Count) along with other relevant ones.
  3. There are also header images for Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Post about relevant UN days.

New to Twitter? Go here.

Sample posts and tweets

  • 2020 is the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, an opportunity to take stock and strengthen the UN system through a partnership of civil society, government, and the UN. See what we’re doing at
  • Help us create the Future We Want together at
  • Now is the time to solve our most urgent global problems #Make2020Count, before it’s too late! #MultilateralismMatters
  • Join the UN2020 mailing list to keep up to date on current activities and monthly calls at #MultilateralismMatters #UN2020 #Make2020Count
  • I’m supporting the UN2020 initiative! Check out what’s happening at #MultilateralismMatters #UN2020 #Make2020Count
  • I’m supporting the UN2020 initiative! Creating a Better World for Everyone. Check it out at #MultilateralismMatters #UN2020 #Make2020Count

Special Events

Are you attending an event co-sponsored by UN2020 or otherwise relevant to UN75?

Here are some suggestions for making the most of it.

Infographics and other digital assets will be produced for larger events and will be shared on the UN2020 Trello board. (If you have suggestions for content, please email

Before the event: 

  • Make a note the names and organizations of those involved, including their Twitter handles.
  • Draft sample tweets from the event 
  • Let people know (on Twitter and Facebook) that you will be livetweeting the event or sharing a livestream/watch party on Facebook.
  • Encourage people to ask questions or reply to your tweets.

During the event

  • Don’t try to quote speakers directly, it’s okay to paraphrase.
  • Include photos and video clips if possible.
  • Remember to use relevant hashtags (including #MultilateralismMatters #UN2020 #Make2020Count)
  • Share/retweet content from others at or watching the event.

After the event:

  • Link to the UN2020 website to direct people to further information on how they can become involved.
  • Share photos and video on the UN2020 Slack channel #attending-an-event