Our common survival requires global cooperation (September 23 2020)

by Robert Muggah, Elizabeth Cousens, Ilona Szabo and Giovanna Kuele

Around the world, COVID-19 is accelerating polarization and division. The virus, along with government responses to contain it, are being politicized. A dangerous gap is emerging between politics and science which is pulling at the fabric of our societies. And yet despite this year of monumental social unrest, it turns out that most people – regardless of their origin, gender or age – share common concerns and dreams about the future. Put simply, there is more that brings us together than tears us apart. That’s just one of the take-aways from an unprecedented consultative initiative led by the United Nations earlier this year. 

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Former Presidents, Prime Ministers, UN leaders and Government Ministers Call for a Strengthened United Nations System (September 18 2020)

Ahead of the September 21 High Level Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations, a group of prominent former government and UN leaders are calling on current world leaders to take action to strengthen the United Nations system.

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Letter to the Prime Minister of Malaysia (September 9 2020)

by Prof Datuk Denison Jayasooria

I write this letter to you Sir as a Malaysian citizen and global citizen (in terms of SDG 4.7) and call upon you in your capacity as the Prime Minister of Malaysia to continue our global commitments, especially in a time such as this during this global COVID-19 pandemic by accelerating our UN commitments for a better world for all the people of the world.

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A compelling vision for humanity (September 2 2020)

by Daniel Perell

Throughout the ages, humanity has been advancing on a winding path towards higher degrees of maturity. The well-being of humankind is not static; it requires ever greater degrees of commitment to fulfilling ever increasing ambitions. At each stage, even significant advances may prove inadequate. And it is in these moments of great crisis when humanity is called on, by virtue of the prevailing circumstances, to reconsider its trajectory. Largely, though not exclusively, driven by enormous tragedy, these moments are significant in the narrative of human progress. 

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