This 7 day campaign has a two part theme : ‘Why Multilateralism Matters’ and ‘Make UN75 Count’ which are intertwined together. and ending with a big celebration on the International Day of Multilateralism. 

Find text for posts and tweets, shareable images, video and other material is available on the campaign’s Trello board.

Why #MultilateralismMatters?#MAKEUN75COUNT
This part of the campaign explains the urgent importance and need for multilateralism by highlighting different global issues that warrant a global governance reform process and a strengthened international cooperation.We urge our governments to use the UN 75th anniversary as a catalyst for an intergovernmental process to advance global governance reform and innovation, offering our collective recommendations for strengthening the UN and the broader global governance system.
Day 1: April 18Global PandemicBetter Funded UN
Day 2: April 19Global Economy / InequalityGender Equality
Day 3: April 20Rise of NationalismGlobal Governance/ Post 75 Process/ Multi-stakeholder for an interdependent world
Day 4: April 21MigrationPeople Centered UN
Day 5: April 22Peace & SecuritySustainable Peace
Day 6: April 23Climate ChangeSDG
Call to ActionPost a 30-60 second video of why multilateralism matters to you or your organization. Be sure to tag UN2020 with the hashtags #MultilateralismMatters #makeUN75count #UN2020Repost or share UN2020’s posts and tag UN Ambassadors, UN missions, your country’s Foreign Minister, the UN Secretary-General, the President of the General Assembly, asking them to make UN75 count. Be sure to tag UN2020 as well as use #MultilateralismMatters and #makeUN75count

International Day of Multilateralism 

On April 24th, we’ll end with a high note and a celebration. We have exciting plans you’ll have to wait to find out about!

Call to Action : Take a selfie with a globe/map and if you have fun 2020 glasses from New Year’s Day wishing your followers Happy International Day of Multilateralism with the #MultilateralismMatters #makeun75count #UN2020 and tag UN2020. 

Find out what the handles for your UN Ambassador or missio, your country’s Foreign Minister, the UN Secretary-General and the President of the General Assembly