The 75th Anniversary of the United Nations marks a key opportunity for global civil society to share its views on the state of world affairs, global governance, and the way forward.

The UN2020 campaign is working to draft a civil society declaration to be presented at the UN75 People’s Forum for the UN We Need, taking place on 23-24 April 2020. Your inputs will inform the advocacy going forward as member states begin to negotiate the UN75 political declaration to be completed by June and adopted by Heads of State at the UN75 World Leaders’ Summit on 21 September 2020.

While many views have been shared through formal and informal processes in the recent months, this message serves as a call to share your inputs and thoughts for the UN75 Civil Society Declaration. This does not represent the only opportunity to contribute as drafts of the declaration will be shared online beginning 4 March.

UN2020 has appointed Daniel Perell of the Baha’i International Community as the lead coordinator of the drafting team. 

If you want to make general suggestions, please fill out this form and/or send inputs directly to using the subject line “Input to UN75 Civil Society Declaration”.

If you want to make comments or suggestions on specific sections of the preliminary draft, please use this form to go through the draft paragraph by paragraph.

For more information about the process:

Please note that the final civil society declaration will try to be concise, visionary, and practical – a challenging task so your patience and constructive engagement will be most appreciated!